The Venue

The Venue

Nyelandsvej 75  |  2000 Frederiksberg

Kedelhallen (“The Boilerhouse”) is a cultural and sports venue in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen. 

The buildings were previously part of Frederiksberg Incineration Plant but were adapted for their current use in 2001.
The building complex contains two venues. The larger one is located in the former electricity plant, the smaller one in the boiler house.

At the venue we have parking for cars and bicycles as well as an area for you to get out for fresh air.

All Milongas of Copenhagen Tango Intermezzo, will be in the larger hall (600m2) with a perfect wooden floor, made for sport and dancing.

During the Afternoon milonga we will have daylight shining through the windows.
For the night milongas we will install cozy light around and on the dance floor.
For the live music a big stage light system.

The sound system will be calibrated to the dance floor to give you the best experience from the DJ’s and the live orchestras.

In connection to the big hall a cafe is situated .

To get there is easy

The venue is in walking distance from the Metro St. Fasanvej (600meter) and the metro runs all night.
Copenhagen is not that big, so it will probably only take you 5-10min by Metro from where you’re staying. 

Even if you arrive from the airport, you can take the Airport Metro directly to Metro St. Fasanvej and this will take you just 20min !

Copenhagen is well known as a bicycle friendly city, so you can rent a bike and easily get around. Just search for ‘bike rental Copenhagen’ and you will find many places.
Also many tango friends in Copenhagen will love to show you around and visit cafes and places to eat before or after the milongas. 
On Facebook you can find the group below:
Tangofriends of Copenhagen