The Orchestras

The Orchestras


The tango quartet of the younger generation, all born in 1993 !

High energy and great musicality is what you can expect by these guys from the new tango generation.
During the last 4 years they have become very popular in Europe and even in Buenos Aires. They are musicians who really understand the need for dancers and on top of that also performed some amazing Piazzolla concerts.

Bandonegro was ‘closing’ Intermezzo 2022 so we are so happy to welcome back Bandonegro at the Opening Night at Intermezzo 2024

They are simply amazing musicians, just see and listen to this video – ‘the angels are singing’

Orquesta La Juan D’Arienzo

Ten men on stage for the Intermezzo Party Night Milonga.
The amazing orchesta La Juan D’Arienzo and the real ‘El Rey del Compas’.  The orchestra bring back the feeling of the original D’Arienzo and are known as the most powerfull Orchestra Tipica.Party

Since the 2012 debut in Buenos Aires, La Juan D’Arienzo has aimed to offer listeners and dancers the characteristic music in the style of the legendary tango orchestra leader Juan D’Arienzo, who was known as the Rey del Compás, or the King of the Rhythm. The young and talented musicians not only offer that mode of one of the greatest orchestras in Argentine tango history, they also bring a freshness that has been welcomed by audiences around the world.

The orchestra La JUAN D’ARIENZO consists of 10 musicians: Pablo Valle on piano; Andres Santarciero on doublebass; Juan Pablo Cravenna, Sebastian Frassón,Pablo Ginzburg, and Emilio Pagano on violins; Pablo Amado, Ricardo Badaracco, Facundo Lazzari, and Oscar Yemha on bandoneóns.
The orchestra is directed by the first bandoneónist, Lazzari, whose grandfather was Carlos Lazzari, the first bandoneónist and arranger for the original Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra from 1950 until 1976, when D’Arienzo passed away, and then the leader of Los Solistas de D’Arienzo.

La Santa Calavera

The new  hot tango orchestra from Buenos Aires. Musicians from Sexteto Milongueros and Romantica Milonguera here in new creation ‘La Santa Calavera’.
Nine musicians on stage will give you full energy and very danceable music. 
On Monday we ad a special Concert part and again live for dancing as the closing of Intermezzo 2024.