Intermezzo DJ's

Happy to present some wonderful international DJ's and great friends


From Japan, but for a long time living in Buenos Aires and working as DJ on some of the popular milongas there. Now busy travelling around as DJ and we are lucky to have her at the opening night.

DJ Tugba Tanören

Turkish born now living in Sweden. Organiser of Turkish Delights Tango Marathon and DJ'ing before at Tango-CPH events, where she is known for a nice control of the flow on dance floor. Always a happy smiling person.

DJ La Rubia

Argentinian born and been living in several countries in Europe. Now living in Barcelona and one of the most travelling DJ's With a big passion for the real classics and knowledge of the Argentinian Tango History.

DJ Gaia Pisauro

Italien born living for years in Buenos Aires. Organiser of Berlin Tango Marathon 'Corazon' and the famous Ibiza Tango Love. Also tango teacher and performer. Living in Berlin and DJ'ing at several milongas.

INTERMEZZO SECRETS you find in the cafe with shoes and fashion

Copenhagen Tango Intermezzo organised by TANGO-CPH

Lars Lomborg