INTERMEZZO Program 2022

INTERMEZZO Program 2022

International Tango event in a 600m2 big hall, with perfect wooden floor. In the same venue a big cafe/bar and lots of space indoor and outdoor.
Like a marathon,- but with the ad of live music like it all started in BsAs. We present some of the greatest orchestras with different style and we ad a Concert on Sunday as a Tribute to Piazzolla.
3DAY INTERMEZZO PASS   585kr / 78€   ( 20-22 MAY ) 
 * 3DAY PASS sold out *
Single day tickets sold at the door !
Thursday 19 May  

21:00 – 02:00 EXTRA OPENING MILONGA  DJ: Luis Cono
*This night in corporation with TANGOFORENINGEN

Ticket price: 200kr

LIVE: Sexteto Cristal + Martin Troncozo

The ensemble is based in Hamburg and Berlin (Germany) and singer Martin Troncozo from Italy. You can hear the original sound of different orchestras in their interpretation. Cristal is a very danceable “classic” orchestra.
Ticket price for NON Members !

Friday 20 May

21:00 – 04:00 STARTING THE PARTY  MILONGA  DJ: Gaia Pisauro

Ticket price: 220kr
LIVE: El Cachivache (BsAs)              

The new age of tango: Not nuevo, but a refreshing, new look at what tango is and can be… Cachivache are performing on traditional instruments adding the electric guitar by Vito. They rocked the Intermezzo in 2019 and now in 2022 we are so happy to have them back for another party !

Saturday 21 May

16:00 – 19:00 Afternoon Milonga  DJ: Pino Dangiola (original Vinyl !)
21:00 – 04:00 GRAND NIGHT MILONGA  DJ: Naoko Koike

Ticket price: 250kr
LIVE: La Juan D’Arienzo (BsAs)                 

Ten men on stage for the Grand Night: The amazing orchesta La Juan D’Arienzo and the real ‘El Rey del Compas’.  The orchestra bring back the feeling of the original D’Arienzo and are known as the most powerfull Orchestra Tipica. 

Sunday 22 May

16:00 – 17:00 Concert ‘Piazzolla Tribute’  by Bandonegro 
18:00 – 24:00  FINAL PARTY MILONGA  DJ: Tugba Tanören

Ticket price: 220kr
LIVE: Bandonegro (Piazzolla concert + Live for Milonga Night) 

The new generation of musicians and what an energi and musicality. 
You can enjoy them twice, as they will do an extra concert in the afternoon where they play Piazzolla and originals.  Then in the evening they will be closing the Intermezzo with all their energy.